May 31, 2024 – Mahone Bay, NS

We invite you to join us for Border Terrier Canada’s 14th annual National Specialty

May 31, 2024 – Mahone Bay Centre

45 School Street, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Standalone Specialty preceding the South Shore Kennel Club Shows – Lunenburg Nova Scotia, June 1 and 2.


For those entering Best Otterhead …

Please note that you can enter on the day of, provided you are entered in the Specialty. There is no fee to enter.  If you have entered via The EntryLine you will have seen a spot to click to enter the class, BUT this is not necessary. The official Premium List entry form does not list Otterhead on the form for anyone doing doing mail in entries.

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Cynthia Moorhead Bernier
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Meet Our Judges

“I got my first Border Terrier in 1989, having seen them and admired them for a long time at Hunt and Working Terrier Shows when showing my Jack Russells, swiftly followed by being lucky enough to purchase with the help of Sam and Heather Mitchell (Kelgram) a very well bred bitch ( Langwood Dula at Pipruda who was from Dandyhow and Kelgram bloodlines).  As they were both Kennel Club registered, we ventured into showing at Kennel Club licensed shows, whilst still enjoying working them to fox.
We had a certain amount of success at shows with them both including a CC and RCC with the bitch and decided to breed a litter from her.  This litter produced the dam of our first UK Champions Pipruda Poachers Pocket and Pipruda Destiny’s Daughter.  After nearly 5 years in the breed I was offered my first judging appointment at an Open Show and served my judging apprenticeship for the following 14 years.  In 2009 I was asked to give my first set of Challenge Certificates at a Championship Show.  I have awarded CC’s on 4 more occasions since then and have also recently been asked to award them to Lancashire Heelers in 2024.  I have also judged Border Terriers in both Denmark and Italy.
Although I now own and exhibit Gordon Setters as well as my Borders, my heart is with our little dark eared warriors and I am thoroughly looking forward to giving you my opinion of the breed in Canada.

My first introduction into the world of dog shows came when I was 12 and went to work at a large German Shepherd and Irish Setter show kennel on the weekends and school holidays, eventually being able to have a dog of my own.

I chose a Labrador and subsequently bred and showed them with some success; they were kept in line by my first Border Terrier who I had as a pet in 1988.  Another Border came along in 1999 who was the foundation of ‘Cedarhill’.  All my present day dogs go back to that foundation bitch.

My first Champion Cedarhill Authorised JW was born in 2007 followed by Ch., Am., Can. Ch Cedarhill Beyond The Stars JW who was still winning at top level into his 8th year.  Since these boys there have been another 3 Champions bred here plus several CC winners and 3 Overseas Champions including the well know Multi Ch Cedarhill No Excuse Needed; I’m very proud of their achievements.

I am honoured to have been invited and am very much looking forward to judging the Sweepstakes at your National Specialty.