Anna Fraser Memorial Award

The Anna Fraser Memorial Award is offered for the Best Working in Specialty in memory of founding member J. Anna Fraser for whom “essentially a working terrier” were more than just words in the standard.To honour her passion, in 2016, friends of Anna donated 5 exquisite mugs made by her favourite Nova Scotia artisan, Deb Kuzyk of Lucky Rabbit Pottery, to be awarded at the next five Border Terrier Canada Specialties to Best Working.

There were no entries in 2019 and no Specialties in 2020 and 2021, so the final award is being offered for 2023.In recognition of the importance of those words in our standard, the Working Class (Field Class in the Premium List) is an official class.

This means that the winners of Working Dog and Working Bitch will compete for Best in Specialty along with the Specials, Veteran Winners, Winners Dog and Winners Bitch.Following Best in Specialty, the winners of the Working Dog and Working Bitch classes will return to the ring to compete for Best Working unless it is automatic.Because it is an official class, to be eligible dogs must hold a CKC (Canadian Earthdog Title (JE, SE, AVE, ME). Spayed bitches and neutered dogs may compete as long as they hold a qualifying title.