Border Terrier Canada – History of the Club

Our sincere thanks to founding member, Rosemary Shoreman (Roschel Border Terriers) for putting the interesting and concise history together.

On September 13, 2003 there were a group of Border Terrier enthusiasts who gathered together at the Oakville & District Kennel Club show in Milton, Ontario. The intention at the meeting was to form a National breed club for Border Terriers and apply to the CKC for National Breed Club status. Under CKC rules, any changes to a breed standard can only be proposed by the National Breed Club and the only Border Terrier breed club at that time was The Border Terrier Club of Ontario, a regional breed club. It was felt that protection of our breed standard was the ultimate goal to forming the National Club.

An organizational committee was assembled and it consisted of Sylvia Clark, Trish Cooper, Patricia Dimitrovski, Pam Dyer, Anna Fraser, Jen Holder, Linda Hough, Bev Kolb, Al and Joanne Matheson, Brian Rome, Michael and Rosemary Shoreman.

To go forward with our application to the Canadian Kennel Club for National Breed Club status we were required to submit a Constitution, By-Laws, Code of Ethics and it was decided by the Organizing Committee to also include a Procedures Document as changes to the Constitution and By-laws required a referendum while changes to the Procedures Document just required the Board approval. This would expedite minor changes such as membership fee changes, setting up of special committees, etc. We also needed to submit the names of our Executive Committee and a minimum of four Regional Directors from the six Regional Areas across Canada.

The Board, as set out in our CKC Club Recognition Application, was as follows:

Rosemary Shoreman
Jen Holder
Linda Hough


Regional Directors

Anna Fraser
Pamela Dyer
Patricia (Trish) Cooper
Sylvia Clark

Atlantic Provinces

NOTE:   Brian Rome was the initial Secretary for Border Terrier Canada during our formation but had to resign due to work commitments prior to our application for recognition.

The vote by the Organizing Committee to approve the Constitution, By-laws, Code of Ethics and Procedures Document was passed on March 31, 2004. This was the date that Border Terrier Canada was officially organized, although not yet able to be accredited by the CKC until we submitted club minutes covering at least one year of meetings.

Once we received recognition from the CKC on February 1, 2006, the Club went on to have their first CKC National Specialty on August 23, 2009 in conjunction with the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Dog Association shows in Ingleside, Ontario with Jane Gilham (Orenberg) of the UK as the specialty judge and our sweepstakes judge Noora Haapanen from Finland.

The National Specialty has been held yearly thereafter with the exceptions of 2020 and 2021 when the Covid 19 Pandemic disrupted so many events:
We also hold Earthdog Tests each year, either in conjunction with National Specialty or as standalone events

All of our Conformation and Earthdog events along with some regional events across Canada are detailed under Past Events.

Rosemary Shoreman