2024 Membership Renewal

You may renew your membership on-line using the form below and pay via e-transfer (preferred) or PayPal to jansim1980@gmail.com

Renewals are due by January 1, 2024

Membership will be cancelled if fees are not received by March 1st
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Please indicate if you would like your Kennel Card to be included in the Border Patrol and on the web site. The cost of the Kennel Card is $10.00 The card must be submitted digitally to jansim1980@gmail.com
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In order to provide helpful resources to those considering adding a Border Terrier to their family, we have a listing of members on our web site with limited contact information. We encourage all our members to consider being listed. If you do not breed you still have a valuable perspective on the breed and can offer insight into our beloved Border Terriers.
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We invite you to make a trophy donation with your membership fees if you wish.