Scottish Terrier

The Border Terrier takes his name from the Border counties of England and Scotland. For Centuries, terriers fitting the description of the Border were in use by shepherds, farmers, and huntsmen who wanted a game terrier with sufficient leg to follow a horse in the rugged hill country but small enough to be able to go to ground after marauding hill foxes. Courageous enough to kill his quarry in the den or bolt him from his lair, yet able to fit in comfortably at home when work was done.

A double coat – hard, wiry outer jacket over a dense undercoat – and thick, loose pelt, ensure the Border is well protected from the inclement weather of his homeland and the punishing jaws of his quarry. The physical and mental qualities that should be “part and parcel” of the Border are the results of generations of breeding and enable the Border to do his job with the least amount of injury to himself and with the greatest amount of efficiency possible.

With his characteristic Otter head, implacable determination, boundless courage and overall good temper, the Border Terrier is a neat unspoiled breed that is equally at home in the field or the home.

If you are considering adding a Border Terrier to your family, we strongly recommend that you read the Border Terrier Club of America’s handy little booklet – The Border Terrier in Brief.

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