New Grounds for the All-Breed Show (Hamilton Kennel Club), new grounds for earthdog (a farm just down the road from the show grounds) and lots of people having lots of fun. Result: Successful dog show and successful earthdog tests.

Friday saw the Border Terrier Club of Ontario hosting their earthdog test. With the aid of a backhoe (such a cute one that Chris Dyer was thinking of taking it home), the earths were chosen (no no that configuration won't do) so off we were lugging tunnels from one area to another until just as we were running out of time to have the earths ready for competition, Eureka!! This will work. With the help of the Goodman/Rogers family (Kirsten, Laurie, Julia and two of her strapping young friends) guided by Pam Dyer and dug by Chris Dyer and Jacques Durocher, we had the earths in just as people were arriving to sign in. Others (Ken & Gail Nixon, Jocelyne Jacques Durocher, Jane Lee, Linda Hough, Anna Robaczewski) were working around driving stakes for fencing, setting up the refreshment tables, running last minute errands and generally making sure everything was ready.

As Carly Martin, one of our judges, arrived and Pam Dyer, our IQ judge, tried to get ready for the tests, our stewards (Jocelyne Durocher, Ken & Gail Nixon) started to gather around the secretary table to get their running boards and judges' score sheets. Right at the allotted hour, the tests began.

I would personally like to thank Kirsten Goodman for all her hard work behind the scenes not only doing secretarial duties which are quite profound but also for going to bat for us with the Ancaster Fairgrounds to let us have the earthdog site. I, unfortunately because our dog Dee went missing (she was subsequently found safe and sound), was not there the last few days before the tests to finish the catalogue and help Kirsten with last minute details.

Our final tally of entered dogs was 47, dogs that ran were 41 and dogs that passed were 11 as follows:

Introduction to Quarry - Judge Pam Dyer

Total number of dogs entered - 15, Total number of starters - 14, Qualifiers - 4

Ch. Fireland's Up in Smoke "Angus" (Border Terrier) Owner: Jane Lee

Ch. Thistlebitt Gleiffer Braes "Bree"(Border Terrier) Owner: Karen Nesbitt

Baytree Native Son "Cody" (Border Terrier) Owner: Jane Cairns

Faireview's Roar Of The Crowd "Rory" (Border Terrier) Owner: Brenda J. Coffield , Judith P. Keane & Margaret Henning

Junior Earthdog - Judge Carly Martin

Total number of dogs entered - 18, Total number of starters - 16, Qualifiers - 5

Ch. L'Dickens Bandersnatch Devilry "Devlin" (Border Terrier) Owner: Margaret & Amanda Pough

Ch. Falconbrook Lust For Life "Maggie" (Border Terrier) Owner: Anna Robaczewski

Am.Ch. Towzie Tyke Tartan " Tartan" (Border Terrier) Owner: Wayne R. and Joyce Kirn

Not So Rusty " Rusty" (Border Terrier) Owner: Pam Dyer

Baytree Native Son "Cody" (Border Terrier) Owner: Jane Cairns

Senior Earthdog - Judge Carly Martin

Total number of dogs entered - 14, Total number of starters - 11, Qualifiers - 2

Ch. Bella Vista's Briagha Xterra, TDX, AgN, RN,SE "Briagha" (WHWT) Owner: Jane McLaughlin

Dawn's Spellbound N' The Dark, TD, JE, RN, "Wicca" (WHWT) Owner: Jane McLaughlin

Everyone had about an hour to get back to their hotel, clean-up and get to the Mathesons' in time for our Annual General Meeting and a wonderful BBQ hosted by Al & Joanne Matheson. We all ended up coming at staggered times which made it easier to meet people as they arrived and exchange a few words. The meeting was uneventful and the social began. Jane Lee called on all the earthdog judges for the weekend to say a few words. Carly Martin and Pam Dyer had the advantage of already finishing their judging so were able to give words of congratulations to the dogs that passed and words of encouragement to the dogs that gave it their best. Marg Pough and Anna Robaczewski would be judging on the Sunday but were able to encourage all to join in the fun on Sunday. A special draw was announced on behalf of Border Terrier Canada and the Border Terrier Club of Ontario for a beautiful wooden plate handpainted and donated by Danielle Trottier-Renaud. The drawing for which will be held at the Border Terrier Club of Ontario's specialty in August at Long Sault, Ontario. Everyone had a terrific time and we couldn't have asked for a better meal with such great hosts in one of the prettiest gardens.

Saturday, the day of the National Specialty, dawned with very heavy clouds and promises of rain. We all put up some pop-ups and hoped for the best. Jen Holder was there first thing to set up our beautiful trophy table. Our terrific Border Terrier needlepoint awards were handcrafted in Scotland by Catherine Lambert of Talex Border Terriers. Catherine had a bad fall in the midst of making the trophies and in spite of a fractured skull was able to finish them just in time for the specialty. A special thanks goes out to Catherine who is now just recovering. Canadian Border Terrier Rescue and Debbie Miyashita set up their wares under the veranda, which also served as the holding area. Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes were ably judged by Karen Fitzpatrick of Meadowlake Border Terriers in Illinois. Karen's dedication to the breed is evidenced by her very successful breeding program and her involvement in Border Terrier rescue in the US. Karen's remarks are set out below.

SWEEPSTAKES - Judge Karen Fitzpatrick


1. Foxrun Bangers N Mash, Jen Holder


1. McHenry's Rocket J. Squirrel, Mark & Mary Beth Ensor, CT Giese


1. McHenry's Rage Against the Machine, Mary & Mary Beth Ensor, CT Giese

2. Ch. Brightwater's Ragtime Reveller, by Coombe Hill Bramble e Ch. Roschel's Scarlet Ribbons, Breeder/Owner: Jane Lee

3. Faireview's Roar of the Crowd, Brenda J. Coffield, Judith Keane, Margaret Henning


1. Brightrain Towzie Tyke Gloria, Wayne R. & Joyce Kirn.


1. Duets About Last Night, Beverly Kolb


1. Baytree Aero Bubbles, Jane Cairns

2. Brightrain's Quinntessential, Kirsten Goodman DVM

3. Faireview's Stirrup Trouble, Brenda J. Coffield, Judith Keane, Margaret Henning

4. Brightrain's Divine Brown, Susan Kane & Kirsten Goodman.

BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES - Duets About Last Night


VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES - - Judge Karen Fitzpatrick


1. Ch. Conundrum Causin Chaos, Michael Shoreman


1. Ch. Talex Good Thyme Gal, Jen Holder

2. Ch. Sherwood's Red White Liberty, Karen Nesbitt



At this point the skies decided to open up just as Kathy Wilkinson made her way to the ring. Kathy has produced some of the finest Border Terriers in the UK under her Otterkin prefix and we all looked forward to her going over our dogs. Thankfully the rain did not last and we all enjoyed the rest of the day. Kathy's remarks are set out below.

SPECIALTY - Judge Kathy Wilkinson


1. Foxrun Bangers N. Mash, Breeder: Jen Holder, by Ch. Glen Mara Violon-D'Ingres-De- Terriland (FRA) ex Ch. Foxrun Clove R, JE, Owner: Jen Holder


1. McHenry's Rocket J. Squirrel, Breeder/Owners, by Wildwoods Heileborus SE ex Towzie Tyke Wuthering Heights JE, Owner: Mary & Mary Beth Ensor, CT Giese


1. Primrose Hideaway's Dansin'n The Dark, Breeder: L. Looper, D. Ray by Lochcu's Stewars Texan in Blue ex Hideaways Bean Blossom, Owner: Chris & James Reid

2. McHenry's Rage Against the Machine, Breeder/Owners, by McHenry's Ewok of Endor ex McHenry's Sugar Bear, Owner: Mark & Mary Beth Ensor, CT Giese


1. Towzie Tyke Tartan, Breeder/Owners, by Towzie Tyke Master of Malt ex Towzie Tyke Anamchara, Owner: Wayne R. & Joyce Kirn

2. Jansim I'm Your Man, Breeder: Anna Robaczewski & Pam Dyer, by Ch. Rovin Jansim Summer Wine SE ex Ch. Lothlorien Jansim Hazeltor SE, Owner: Anne Geall, A. Robaczewski, Pam Dyer

3. McHenry's Ewok of Endor, Breeder/Owners by Towzie Tyke Laird O'Glenmore JE ex Towzie Tyke Wuthering Heights JE, Owner: Mark & Mary Beth Ensor, CT Giese


1. Terriland Moonlight Singer, Breeder: Danielle T. Renaud by Ch. Glen Mara Violon-D'Ingres-De-Terriland (FRA) ex Ch. Terriland Earth Spirit, Owner: Pat Dimitrovski

2. Conundrum Karatai Dudley JE, Breeder, Mr. D.G. & Mrs. J.A. Parker by Otterkin Blue Bayou Conundrum ex Conundrum Soliquay, Owner: Carole Smith

3. Faireview's Roar of the Crowd, Breeder: Margaret Henning, Arnold Kenning, Kathleen Henning by Maustrappe's Sunday Driver ex Skyline The Life of Riley, Owner: Brenda J. Coffield, Judith Keane, Margaret Henning.

4. Eclipse Hubble O'Wagginaire, Breeder: D. Eckles, C. Kane by Eclipse Country Singer ex Eclipse Starlight Express, Owner: D. & S. Boeving, C. Kane.

WINNERS DOG: Towzie Tyke Tartan RESERVE WINNERS DOG: Terriland Moonlight Singer


1. Ch. Jansim Holly Roger JE CGN, Breeder: Chris & Pam Dyer by Dandyhow Topnotch ex Ch. Jansim Pennyroyal CD CG, Owner: Anna Robaczewski

2. Ch. Falconbrook Heart of Gold CD, Breeder: J. Anna Fraser by Ch. Jansim Holly Roger ex Ch. Duet Spy in the Sky, Owner: Donna J. Ralph & Gloria E. Mosley.

3. Ch. Jansim Toad in the Hole CD SE, Breeder: Chris & Pam Dyer by Dandyhow Topnotch ex Ch. Jansim Penny Royal CD, Owner: Chris & Pam Dyer

4. Ch. Conundrum Causin Chaos, Breeder: Mr. D.G. & Mrs. J.A. Parker by Conundrum Dalglish ex Conundrum Bromond Georgie Girl, Owner: Michael Shoreman


1. Brightrain Towzie Tyke Gloria, Breeder: Kirsten Goodman by Ch. Glebeheath Johnny The One ex Ch. Brightrain's First Edition JE, Owner: Wayne R. & Joyce Kirn


1. Brightrain's Quinntessential, Breeder/Owner by Kandu's Marathon Man ex Ch. Brightrain's First Edition JE, Owner: Kirsten Goodman DVM

2. Glen Mara Equinoxe De Terriland, Breeder: Brigitte Belen-Bernaudin by Sub Terram Hot Dog ex Viva La Vida Glan Mara, Owner: Danielle Trottier-Renaud

3. Baytree Aero Bubbles, Breeder/Owner by Ch. Ganymede's Pendragon ex Ch. Baytree Picadilly Circus, Owner: Jane Cairns

4. Foxrun Spirit Moon, Breeder: Jen Holder by Foxrun Thyme Piece ex Foxrun Clove R, Owner: Susan Armstrong


1. Brightrain's Divine Brown, Breeder: Kirsten Goodman by Kandu's Marathon Man ex Ch. Brightrain's First Edition JE, Owner: Susan Kane & Kirsten Goodman

2. Rosecrest Border Gracie, Breeder/Owner by Ch. Standish's Kenny Rogers ex Rosecrest Border Sprocket, Owner: Linda Purdon


1. Duets About Last Night, Breeder: Beverly Kolb & Patricia Lechten by C. Firelands Up in Smoke ex Ch. Duets On Borrowed Time, Owner: Beverly Kolb

2. McHenry's Good Charlotte, Breeder/Owners by Towzie Tyke Mettenry Oatmeal Stout ex Happy Hobbits Sweet Polyester Purebred, Owner: Mark & Mary Beth Ensor, CT Giese

3. Sherwood's Starcatcher, Breeder/Owners by Ch. Sherwood's Ferguson ex Foxrun Sherwood Rona, Owner: Florence Prawel


1. Roschel's Mariah, Breeder: Michael & Rosemary Shoreman by Ch. Meadowlake Devil's Brew ex Ch. Roschel's Gypsy Moth, Owner: Susan M. Newell DVM

2. Foxrun Sherwood Rona, Breeder: Jen Holder by Ch. Foxrun Frozen in Thyme ex Ch. Foxrun Dash of Spice, Owner: Florence Prawel

3. Faireview's Stirrup Trouble, Breeder: Margaret Henning, Arnold Henning, Kathleen Henning by Maustrappe's Sunday Driver ex Skyline The Life of Riley, Owner: Brenda J. Coffield, Judith Keane, Margaret Henning

4. Roschel's Melody, Breeder/Owners by Ch. Meadowlake Devil's Brew ex Ch. Roschel's Gypsy Moth, Owner: Michael & Rosemary Shoreman

WINNERS BITCH: Roschel's Mariah RESERVE WINNERS BITCH: Duets About Last Night


1. Ch. Talex Good Thyme Gal JE, Breeder: Catherine Lambert & A. J. Urie by Holmston Freelancer ex Talex Spring Thyme, Owner: Jen Holder

2. Ch. Sherwood's Red White Liberty, Breeder: Florence Prawel by Ch. Conundrum Leveller ex Sherwood's Spellbound, Owner: Karen Nesbitt

3. Ch. Lutrabeck Songwriter, Breeder: Mr. R. J. & Mrs. C. J. Hand by Otterkin Lyricist ex Lutrabeck Song, Owner: Al & Joanne Matheson

BEST OF BREED: Roschel's Mariah

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX: Towzie Tyke Tartan

BEST OF WINNERS: Roschel's Mariah

BEST PUPPY: Duets About Last Night

AWARD OF MERIT: Ch. Brightrain's First Edition JE

BEST VETERAN: Ch. Jansim Holly Roger JE CGN,


1. Ch. Brightrain's First Edition JE, Breeder: Owner by Ch. Conundrum Leveller ex Ch. Bernfield's Bright Rain Ruby, Owner: Kirsten Goodman DVM

BEST OTTER HEAD: Ch. Brightrain's First Edition JE

Once the breed was awarded, we had to take a break from our specialty so that the all breed show could have the breed judged by Sandra Anderson, a Scottie Breeder from Ontario. Sandra awarded Best of Breed and Group First to Jane Parker's now Ch. Picer Wotta Conundrum and Best of Opposite to Al & Joanne Matheson's Ch. Ganymede's Pendragon. The Best Puppy in the Specialty also showed the all breed competitors what Border Terriers are all about, Bev Kolb's Duet's About Last Night went Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show.

With all the All Breed show awards presented, we then were able to finish up our specialty with the judging of Best Otter Head which went to the Award of Merit winner, Can. & Am. Ch. Brightrain's First Edition JE.

The day ended on another high note with our potluck dinner held in an intimate dining room in the main hall of the fairgrounds. With windows overlooking the parking lot where we all could keep an eye on our dogs, everyone settled in for quite the feast. Potluck dinners are far more interesting than any chef at any great hotel could come up with. The meat dishes were supplemented with some of the most interesting salads and side dishes. No country's cuisine was forgotten. Under the direction of Anna Fraser & Anna Robaczewski, everyone pitched in to set up the serving tables while Susan Rome did her magic of setting up the silent auction tables. Such terrific items that drew some good bidding.

Karen Fitzpatrick was called upon for her comments on the Sweeps entries. Karen thoroughly enjoyed her assignment and was very impressed with her entry. She thanked all her exhibitors and wished everyone well in the future.


I was very honored to be asked to judge the Sweeps at the Canadian National Border Terrier Specialty. It was delight to be able to judge such a super group of Border Terriers!

Overall I think the Borders exhibited to me were quite lovely. I was very happy with the front movement I saw on quite a few, but still we seem to have a need for Borders with good reach. Coming and going I think has quite improved over the years, but a Border must be able to cover ground effortlessly to maintain a tireless track in the field.

From my males, I chose a lovely young dog who was very racy and looked to me to have a very promising future. He was presented in proper condition and was a lovely mover. I was thrilled to give him Best of Opposite in Sweeps.

I had a strong entry of lovely bitches, especially in my 12-18 month class. My winner in the 12-18 month class was a very sound, lovely moving bitch with a nice head, great pelt and was shown impeccably. She could not a put a foot wrong. When it came down to my best bitch, I had a really hard time making a decision between my 9-12 month female and my 12-18 month female. Both were stellar on the coming and going, great on the side, both were very well groomed and had great heads. And I think trained to perfection. My decision came down to balance of rib to loin and underline. I just preferred the balance of the 9-12 bitch. She was a bit smoother to go over in my opinion. I was very happy to award her Best In Sweeps. Both bitches had great points but at the same time both of them were different . It's hard to judge them without looking at them from a breeder's standpoint. There were things about both of them I think would be an asset in anyone's breeding program in the future!!

Thank you again to all of you who showed your Border Terriers that weekend. I would like to especially thank Joanne and Al Matheson for allowing me to bring my own dogs and take over their newly renovated, gorgeous basement!! As always, I had a terrific time!!
Karen Fitzpatrick
Meadowlake Border Terriers

Kathy Wilkinson then gave her comments on her Specialty entries. Kathy was grateful for the wonderful entry she received and was pleased with the quality of the dogs. We certainly enjoyed showing to her and appreciated her thoroughness in going over our dogs.

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Friday night BBQ

Earthdog Chair Jane Lee presents our ED judges

Carly Martin

Anna Robaczewski

Marg Pough

Pam Dyer

Saturday Judging

A trophy table to be proud of

Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweeps - Foxrun Bangers N. Mash

Best in Puppy Sweeps, Best Puppy, Reserve Winners Bitch - Duets About Last Night

Best Veteran in Sweeps, Best Veteran Female - Ch Talex Good Thyme Gal JE

Best Veteran Male, Best Veteran - Ch. Jansim Holly Roger JE.

Best of Opposite Sex, Winners Male - Towzie Tyke Tartan

Best of Breed, Best of Winners, Winners Bitch - Roschel's Mariah

Saturday Night Pot Luck Supper

Where else would a pup be welcome on the table

Judges critique: National Specialty Show, Border Terrier Canada, Saturday 26 June 2010 at Ancaster Fairgrounds, Jerseyville, Ontario

I was pleased to be given the honour to judge in your fair country. Firstly, may I thank all the exhibitors for entering and bringing their dogs to the show and for accepting my decisions in such a sporting manner. On behalf of my daughter Jane and myself, I would also like to thank Lisa Avery for looking after us on the days before the show and Jane and David Parker for their hospitality during the days following the show. The 2 Jane's enjoyed the ride into the thunderous water at Niagara Falls, while I was the spectator (coward)! At the show, Allan Pepper had it all under control as a very efficient ring steward; thank you to him for looking after us all.

UK Standard and Canadian Standard of the Breed
When accepting an appointment to judge in another country, although having judged the breed at Championship level in the UK many times and over a number of years, I am always aware that I should at least have read the standard in the country in which I am to judge and not just say "But it's OUR breed of origin, so we should just use our UK standard"!
If we review the UK Breed Standard, some of you may know, it is quite brief and to the point. I was interested to see that the Canadian standard mentioned some things which I think our UK standard takes as read, but does not actually say.
Perhaps the UK standard is so brief because the men who drew up the original standard knew what they wanted in a Border Terrier, as most of them worked their dogs. Perhaps they saw no need for detailed explanations and precise measurements; as long as it was able to run with the horses and fit and able enough after a day in the field to go to ground and flush the fox for the waiting hounds, that was what they required. The Border Terrier needed stamina and strength, but also to be biddable and easy to handle, have a good double coat to withstand all weathers on the hills and valleys in and around the borders with Scotland and England, be narrow enough to get in and out of the places where a very narrow fox can get, tight feet not easily damaged during a long day's hunting and a thick pelt to withstand the ravages from weather and fox.
The only nod in the direction of taste and fancy came from the inclusion in the standard for the Border to have a head "like that of an otter", but that does no harm to the breed and merely sets it apart from other terriers. Without an otter-like head, the Border would just be any other generic working terrier. Moderation is mentioned many times in the UK standard and in regards to the head, there again it demands that it be "moderately broad in skull".
Although your Border Terrier is more likely to be your companion and steadfast friend, breeders and judges alike should ensure the breed stays true to its roots and, without exaggerations, is a lithe, active, intelligent, healthy dog who could do a day's work if asked. Every aspect of breeding, showing or judging Border Terriers should be weighed not only against the breed standard, but also against the dog's ability to carry out the job for which it was initially bred. All the other parts of the standard relate back to the first sentence in the UK standard "Essentially a working terrier". He should be capable of following a horse? Yes, because he is essentially a working terrier! He should be active and game? Yes, because he is essentially a working terrier! His forelegs should be straight and not too heavy in bone? Yes, because...well, I think you see where I am going with this!
I found it interesting, when comparing the Canadian standard for the breed with the UK standard to see that some things which we "take as read" in the UK version are actually addressed in your standard, so that far from taking the breed and making it into something it is not, which might always be a worry for a country of origin when the breed goes to another country, you have, in my view, included in your Canadian standard some very sensible points which our novice judges just have to "take as read" in the UK, but could be educated about when reading your standard for the breed!
For example, the UK standard regarding eyes only says "Dark with a keen expression". No size is mentioned, nor shape, although some show judges' critiques in the UK mention that various dogs had "good almond shaped eyes"! Perhaps this has come about with the passage of time, but I would hazard a guess that the terrier men and foxhunters would just have liked it to be eye shaped! We should just judge to the standard, whatever country we happen to be in, so those critiques which mention an almond shaped eye do irk somewhat, although they may have a good foundation in breed knowledge, or mistaken interpretation.
Light eyes look foreign and spoil the desired keen expression, although again this is not mentioned in the UK breed standard - as the authors asked for dark eyes, they probably did not feel the need to say "and not light"! Size of eye is not mentioned in the UK standard, but we may assume that a large, protruding eye would not give the correct keen expression and might be a danger to the dog when tackling a fox, being easily damaged. Again, as with most things about the breed, they should be judged on the effect on the dog's ability to work. So I was pleased to see in the Canadian standard that the section regarding eyes says "Eyes dark hazel and full of fire and intelligence. Moderate in size, neither prominent, nor small and beady."
Similarly, in the UK standard, no mention is made of the size of teeth, although a lot of UK judges mention in their critiques that they were pleased to see dogs that had large teeth for the size of dog. In the Canadian standard, you do mention this, asking for "Teeth strong, with a scissors bite, large in proportion to size of dog", so it seems UK judges, working to a UK standard, are asking for something not mentioned in our standard, but included in your standard!
Again, with ears, we learned from breed elders, when we first came into the breed, that Border Terrier ears should not break above the level of the skull. Our standard does say "dropping forward close to the cheek" so perhaps we can read that as not breaking above the level of the skull, although it does not specifically mention that.....but yours does!
In the UK, judges' critiques often mention the lay of shoulder and of course, this is important in a dog required to follow a horse, with ease and economy of movement and staying power, but it is not mentioned in our breed standard....although the Canadian standard does ask for "Shoulders well laid-back and of good length, the blades converging to the withers gradually from a brisket not excessively deep or narrow."
We can see a pattern here - our standard in the UK, which has served us well for many years, is short and to the point and many important things, which UK judges comment on in critiques, are not even touched upon in our standard, unless we say that they all go back to the requirement that they are "Essentially a working terrier" and are "Capable of following a horse, combining activity with gameness."
In the UK, judges comment about a good, level topline, but this is not mentioned in our breed standard, while yours does ask for "Back strong but laterally supple, with no suspicion of a dip behind the shoulder."
Regarding hindquarters, the UK standard only asks for them to be "Racy". Many judges look for and comment on the correct bend of stifle, which enables the dog to move efficiently. As it is not mentioned in the breed standard, we can only rely on the characteristic of being "Capable of following a horse". Here again, your standard is more precise and more akin to how we actually judge the breed in the UK, when you ask for "Stifles well bent and hocks well let down"
There are other similarities between how we judge in the UK and your breed standard, as opposed to our own standard, so I can definitely say that it is best to read the Canadian Standard and abide by it when judging in Canada (and perhaps in the UK too)!

Overall impressions
I found all of the dogs presented to me to be in good physical condition, with good muscle tone. None of them were underweight (a problem sometimes found in the UK in a small number of dogs), although a couple appeared to be quite fond of their food. In general they were good examples of the breed, with good double coats on most of them and some very good otter-like heads in evidence, with large white teeth on a number of exhibits. Some of the dogs were difficult to span and as well as being tall and rangy were also bigger on the rib than acceptable in a working terrier (tall, rangy and narrow being OK of course). Movement, as in all countries, was a problem with some, but on the whole I felt that the breed is in a good place and in steady hands. In some classes, it was difficult to separate the first few placed and I felt they could have changed places on another day.
I was very pleased with the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex, as well as the Award of Merit winner, Best Puppy and Best Veteran. All of them were narrow and easily spanned and moved well, but more of them individually later.

Junior Puppy Dog (1)
1) Holder's Foxrun Bangers N Mash: Nice rangy dog, good rib, easily spanned. Good length of neck. Well off for bone. Needs time to develop in his foreface, but he has a good flat skull and his ears are nicely placed, although he needs to grow into them. Moving better in front than behind today, where he was just slightly cow-hocked, although that may improve with maturity. Good straight topline which he kept on the move and he covered the ground in long, easy strides.

Senior Puppy Males (1)
1) Ensor's McHenry's Rocket J Squirrel: Would prefer a longer neck on this dark grizzle male and his front movement was not his fortune today, as he plaited coming towards me. Feet needed to tighten. His coat felt harsh and he had good hind movement. His tail was short and slightly out of proportion to his length of body. Top of head was correct, with ears dropping forward close to the cheek. Although his rib-shape was not the best, he was still spannable.

12 - 18 Month Dog (2)
1) Reid's Primrose Hideaway's Dansin 'n The Dark: Hard decision in this class. This blue and tan male had just the right amount of bone, although he was a little unruly and his movement was not the best today. He carried his tail a little too gaily over his back when he moved. Judging which one could most easily do the job it was bred for, he was placed first as he had the edge over the second, being easily spanned.
2) Ensor's McHenry's Rage Against The Machine: This boy had a lovely otter head, but was sadly too big on the rib. He possessed a harsh jacket and had a better tailset than the 1st, but was not so easily spanned, although he moved OK.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog (4 - 1 absent)
1) Kirn's Towzie Tyke Tartan: Dark grizzle and tan dog who impressed from the moment he walked into the ring. Lovely size, make and shape with just the right amount of bone. Lovely refined otter head with a good, dark eye. Nice length of neck without being overdone. Possessing a good topline and tailset, he moved around the ring with confidence and style, covering the ground well on lovely small, tight feet. Although he is up on the leg, he was so easily spanned, a must in a working terrier. WINNERS DOG AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX TO BEST OF BREED
2) Geall, Robaczewski and Dyer's Jansim I'm Your Man: Nice size of dog who was not disgraced today and was unlucky to meet 1st in such good form; this was a very hard decision! He was slightly longer in the foreface than the 1st and could do with a little more face furnishings, but he has a good honest otter head, good ear placement. Good length of neck. Nice type of dog, although ribs not carried as far back as the 1st. Tail well set on. He ran a close decision for Reserve Winners Dog, which eventually went to the winner of Open.
3) Ensor's McHenry's Ewok of Endor: Nice dog but heavy on the rib today and a little stronger throughout than the 1st two, carrying too much bone and weight today. Has a lovely otter head, but could not beat the 1st two for their spannability today.

Open Dog (7 - 0 absent)
1) Dimitrovski's Terriland Moonlight Singer: Grizzle dog with a lovely head. Excellent rib, carried well back. Good topline and tailset. Just right for bone. Moving well both in front and behind. Would prefer a slightly smaller eye, but he has a good strong muzzle and an excellent double jacket and I was pleased to award him RESERVE WINNERS DOG
2) Smith's Conundrum Karatai Dudley JE: Young blue and tan male and for quite some time during the class I thought he would be my winner. Looks rather deep in rib, but he was easily spanned. Good otter-like head with a short, strong muzzle, although I would have preferred a slightly smaller eye. Well turned out and well handled by his young handler.
3) Coffield, Keane and Henning's Faireview's Roar of the Crowd: Grizzle and tan dog, nice make and shape and easily spanned. Preferred the movement of the winners today.
4) Boeving and Kane's Eclipse Hubble O'Wagginaire.

Veteran Dog (4 - 0 absent)
1) Robaczewski's Ch Jansim Holly Roger, JE CGN: Light grizzle and tan 13 year old, as sprightly as a youngster and a lovely size, still so easily spanned. Liked his correct amount of bone, excellent neck, leading into a level topline and down to a correct tailset. He moved around the ring with ease belying his years, coming at you with a narrow front. Excellent small, tight feet. Good otter head with a lovely expression. Good ears, well set on and of correct size, small v shaped and falling forward close to the cheek. Pleased to award him BEST VETERAN, as the oldies are of course, simply the best!
2) Ralph and Mosley's Ch Falconbrook Heart of Gold CD: Nice dog, although I preferred the shoulder on the 1st. Lovely head, with a gorgeous varminty expression from excellent dark eyes. Well off for bone. Good bend of stifle. Nice tight feet. Good topline and excellent tailset. Moving well.
3) Dyer's Ch Jansim Toad in the Hole, CD SE: Another one with an excellent head and expression, he was just giving a little away in weight to the winners.
4) Shoreman's Ch. Conundrum Causin Chaos JE.

Junior Puppy Bitch (1 - 0 absent)
1) Kirn's Brightrain Towzie Tyke Gloria: My notes say absolutely glorious puppy. Super double coat and the best of thick, loose pelts. Lovely make and shape. Beautiful otter head with a nice dark eye and lovely ears for shape and size, dropping forward close to the cheek. Small tight feet, moving well from good narrow front, she moved around the ring like a veteran performer and was very interested in everything going on, clearly enjoying her showing.

12 -18 month Bitch (6 - 0 absent)
1) Goodman's Brightrain's Quinntessential: A very hard class; I liked all those placed, so this Blue and tan had to go some in this company. I loved her otter head, with the correct proportion of skull to foreface, she has small dark eyes and good ear placement. Excellent double jacket. She moved well both coming and going. She was easily spanned and her ribs were of excellent shape and carried well back. She had a good tailset and correct bend of stifle.
2) Trottier's Glen Mara Equinioxe de Terriland: Light grizzle and tan bitch; could easily change places with the 1st on another day. Excellent double jacket, with thick, soft undercoat and harsh topcoat. Small, dark eye and good ear placement, she had just the right amount of bone and moved well both ways.
3) Cairns' Baytree Aero Bubbles: Another bitch of correct size and possessing a good double jacket. Preferred the more accurate movement on the 1st two today, but she had a lovely neck and shoulders and many more excellent attributes which bodes well for the breed here, including good topline and tailset and lovely small, dark eye.
4) Armstrong's Foxrun Spirit Moon

Canadian Bred Bitch (2 - 0 absent)
1) Kane and Goodman's Brightrain's Divine Brown: Lovely neck and shoulders, and excellent topline and tailset. Harsh topcoat and excellent double jacket, so tight you could hardly see the skin. She had just the right amount of bone and was easily spanned. I like to stand above those with the correct shape and size of rib and admire that from above; it is a joy to behold in our lovely breed and this one has that excellent shaped rib that draws the eye. Lovely otter head with a nice dark eye. Good ear shape and set. Tailset just right. Nice bend of stifle. Moved well.
2) Purdon's Rosecrest Border Gracie: Thicker set through the neck and rib than the 1st. She is quite deep in the rib, although I did manage to span her. She had a good head and moved well both coming and going. Correct amount of bone and good small feet. Tail of correct length and well set on.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch (3 - 0 absent)
1) Kolb's Duets About Last Night: Everything put together beautifully on this lovely 9 month old puppy. She has a lovely otter head with an excellent dark eye, correct neck and shoulders and a lovely topline and tail set was correct. She has an excellent thick double coat with a loose, pliable pelt which would serve her well in the hunting field. Correct amount of bone. She strode out well for a youngster and showed that the young and the veterans can move just right at each end of the age spectrum. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW AND RESERVE WINNERS BITCH.
2) Ensor's McHenry's Good Charlotte: Very similar type; just preferred the foreface of the winner. She too has a good neck and shoulders and good topline, along with a good double coat and nice thick undercoat. Moving out very well for a puppy.
3) Prawel's Sherwood's Starcatcher: Smaller type bitch with narrower foreface than the winners, although she had a good expression. She moved out well both coming and going.

Open Bitch (4 - 0 absent)
1) Newell's Roschel's Mariah: Lovely rangy bitch, I loved her expression and her movement was superb, especially when she moved so well on a loose lead. Topline and tailset were correct. Lovely reach of neck. Excellent otter head with a small dark eye. Good strong muzzle without any sign of coarseness. Good narrow front. Just the right amount of bone and a good bend of stifle. My notes in the class say "Very appealing" and obviously she continued to appeal right up to the end of the show when I was very pleased to award her WINNERS BITCH, BEST OF BREED AND BEST OF WINNERS
2) Prawel's Foxrun Sherwood Rona: Smaller bitch all through, but she was moving well and had a lovely, typical otter head with small dark eyes and nice neck in proportion to her size. Good shaped tail, well set on.
3) Coffield, Keane and Henning's Faireview's Stirrup Trouble: Very nice head, but she was just a little cobby throughout. Could perhaps do with better length of neck and less on the rib, although I was able to span her. Correct amount of bone and had a very pretty, feminine head.
4) Shoreman's Roschel's Melody

Veteran Bitch (3 - 0 absent)
1) Holder's Ch Talex Good Thyme Gal JE: Really good class of veterans, who all moved out well today. Dark grizzle and tan bitch who was easily spanned and whose ribs were carried well back. Lovely neck and good otter head with excellent expression. Well off for bone with nice tight feet.
2) Nesbitt's Ch Sherwood's Red White Liberty: Moved out well and has a nice length of neck. Just preferred the foreface of the winner, but she too has a lovely expression and her ears are the correct shape and size and fall forward close to the cheek. She possesses a nice length of body and moved with a long, easy stride.
3) Matheson's Ch Lutrabeck Songwriter: Carrying a little extra weight today, but this did not affect her movement; she strode out really well, clearly enjoying her day out. The best of pelts, thick, loose and pliable. She had one of the best double coats of the day

Specials Only (13 - 1 absent) + Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Veteran Dog and Veteran Bitch
Into this class came some lovely Champions, both dogs and bitches, although of the former, some were sadly not narrow enough on the rib today.
Best of Breed was the Winners Bitch, Roschel's Mariah. She had it all, not only in looks, but also in thick double coat, excellent pelt, true movement and the correct construction and outline to enable her to work, should she be asked to do so. Not overdone in any way, I felt she would be able to get anywhere required underground while at the same time, having that star quality which excites your heart. She has a lovely refined otter head, so important in the breed to keep us true to breed type, while not losing any of the attributes for a dog required to run with horses all day and still be able to go to ground after a fox at the end of a long day. Nowhere in the breed standard of either country does it say "Able to fit into the judge's suitcase", but if she could.... and if someone would let me....I WOULD HAVE!!!
Best of Opposite was the Winner's Dog Towzie Tyke Tartan. Although he is a tall, rangy dog, he is lovely and narrow, being easily spanned and could do the job for which the breed was brought into existence. Sadly in this class today, I found a lot of the dogs to be too heavy and/or too big on the rib, but he is just right in that department. The Winners Bitch just scored in undercoat over him today, but he is another one to be proud of and bodes well for the future of the breed.
Award of Merit went to the Special's bitch, Goodman's Ch Brightrain's First Edition JE. A beautiful narrow bitch, with the best of refined Otter heads and a lovely reach of neck, she was very close up to the 2 main winners. She was easily spanned and moved very well both ways. Loved her harsh jacket and thick double coat, with good thick, loose pelt. She came to hand easily and was a strong contender for Best of Breed. She was later present and won the Working Class, as well as going on to win Best Otter Head in some strong competition.
Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Winners Bitch was Duets About Last Night. Beautiful 9 month old puppy bitch. I have no doubt she will have an excellent future. Lovely thick, loose pelt and excellent reach of neck. Again, nothing overdone here, just an honest, sound, workmanlike puppy, but she adds that star quality and appeals greatly for her size, shape, beautiful otter head, excellent movement on good, tight feet and lovely rib shape and size. Good luck for the future and a good one to end on - thank you! Mrs Kathy Wilkinson
Otterkin Border Terriers

It was hard to start the clean-up process with such lively conversations going on but we still had tomorrow to come.

Presentation of The First Annual "Molly Award"

This year for the first time we had the Molly Award. The Molly award recognizes and celebrates the tremendous natural ability of the Border Terrier, as part of the Annual Border Terrier Canada National Specialty, to ensure that his or her owner(s) remain humble & provide laughs & tales to tell for years to come. This award was donated by Anna Robaczewski. The panel choosing the worthy recipient found that they had two dogs they wanted to recognize. So "Winners Dog" was Colin (Am. Can. Ch. Lothlorien Coniston FM, CG, RE, CGC, Am.CD, Am. ME, Can. JE) owned and loved by Donna Sapp. "Winners Bitch" was my own Dee (Can. Am. Ch. Conundrum I'm No Angel). This award was made sweeter by the good fortune of having Dee back home with us after 3 days of her great adventure in the woods earlier in the week. Dee survived so we were more than happy to accept the award on her behalf. Maybe we have a story that will qualify her again next year for the Molly Award. .

Down to Earth

Sunday was another good day in the weather department, a little overcast but that made it a little cooler. Our judges, Anna Robaczewski and Marg Pough, were ready to go and the tests ran smoothly thanks to our stewards (Jocelyne Durocher, Philipa Sahiner, Sarah Jones, Isobel McGowan, Pat Dimitrovski and Jen Holder). All the tests were over by 1 pm and the clean-up crew then set to work. Again the Goodman/Rogers household were paramount in making this all happen along with Chris & Pam Dyer and Jocelyne & Jacques Durocher). Our final tally of entered dogs was 55, dogs that ran were 47 and dogs that passed were 18 as follows:

Introduction to Quarry - Judge Anna Robaczewski

Total number of dogs entered - 22, Total number of starters - 21, Qualifiers - 6

Pamadron Gypsy Palakore "Belle" (ML Dachshund), Owner: Don Leighton

Faireview's Foto Finish "Effie" (Border Terrier) Owner: Debbie Miyashita

Falconbrook Governor General "Rollie" (Border Terrier) Owner: Sarah Jones

Faireview's Roar Of The Crowd "Rory" (Border Terrier) Owner:Brenda J. Coffield, Judith P. Keane & Margaret Henning

Faireview's Stirrup Trouble "Lilith" (Border Terrier) Owner: Brenda J. Coffield , Judith P. Keane & Margaret Henning

Ch. Thistlebitt Gleiffer Braes " Bree" (Border Terrier) Owner: Karen Nesbitt

Junior Earthdog - Judge Marg Pough

Total number of dogs entered - 18, Total number of starters - 13, Qualifiers - 6

Faireview's Foto Finish "Effie" (Border Terrier) Owner: Debbie Miyashita

Falconbrook Governor General "Rollie" (Border Terrier) Owner: Sarah Jones

Am.Ch. Towzie Tyke Tartan "Tartan" (Border Terrier) Owner: Wayne R. and Joyce Kirn

Am.Ch. Conundrum Karatai Dudley "Dudley" (Border Terrier) Owner: Carole Smith

Ch. Grand Gables Bugs Bunny "Bugsy" (MS Dachshund) Owner: Joanne Fagervik, Guy Jeavons, Mark McMillan

Ch. Talex Good Thyme Gal JE "Thyme" (Border Terrier) Owner: Jen Holder

Senior Earthdog - Judge Marg Pough

Total number of dogs entered - 15, Total number of starters - 13, Qualifiers - 6

Ch. Skerryvore Hogmanay Mummer JE "Mirk" (Cairn Terrier) Owner: Gloria Mair

Jansim Henrietta Maud Jones SE "Henry" (Border Terrier) Owner: Sarah Jones

Dawn's Spellbound N' The Dark, TD,JE,RN "Wicca" (WHWT) Owner: Jane McLaughlin

Ch. Bernfield's Bright Rain Ruby JE "Ruby" (Border Terrier) Owner: Kirsten Goodman

Am.Can.Ch. Lothlorien Coniston JE "Colin" (Border Terrier) Owners: Donna Sapp, Joanne Frier-Murza & Pam Dyer

Ch. Jansim You Know Who I Am "Tank" (Border Terrier) Owner: Pam Dyer & Anna Robaczewski

The reports we are getting back about the National Specialty weekend start with "Good Food, Good Friends and Good Times" and end up with "We'll be back next year". Next year will be the same time the same place, Specialty - Saturday, June 25, 2011, Ancaster Fairgrounds, Jerseyville, Ontario and Earthdog Test - Sunday, June 26, 2011. Watch our events page for judges and updates.

Terriland Plate FLASH - the beautiful plate donated by Daniel Trottier as a BTC/BTCO fundraiser was won by Susan Storey from Frederick, MD

First Annual Molly Award

Molly award - winners dog

Sunday - Border Terrier Canada ED Test

Marg does her orientation

Patiently waiting

When is it my turn

Worth waiting for