Border Terrier Canada CKC Earthdog Tests

August 01, 2009, St Croix, NS

The dogs were fantastic and the weather was a lot better than was forecast, thank goodness.

We had a total entry of 37 in the two tests (morning and afternoon) and we saw real improvement in many of the dogs throughout the day and over Sunday too (ATC CKC ED Tests).

Saturday a.m. tests

Intro to Quarry - Judge Judy Todd - Qualifiers:
Bernfield's Sprocket - "Sprocket" - Border Terrier - Don Barnes
Aysha - "Aysha" - Miniature Dachshund - Darlene Westhaver

Junior Earthdog - Judge Camilla Moon - Qualifiers:
Aysha - "Aysha" - Dachshund Miniature Shorthaired - Darlene Westhaver

Senior Earthdog - Judge Pam Dyer - Qualifiers:
Bernfield's Ellie -"Ellie" - Border Terrier - Anne Geall TITLE
Falconbrook Dash To The Finish- "Nike" - Border Terrier - Stephanie MacDougall TITLE

Saturday p.m. Tests

Intro to Quarry - Judge Anna Robaczewski - Qualifiers:
Bernfield's Dixie - "Dixie" - Border Terrier - Jennifer Fifield
Caudlewood's Packet Chaser - "Tek" - Parson Russell Terrier - Dan Davis

Junior Earthdog - Judge Judy Todd - Qualifiers:
No qualifiers

Senior Earthdog - Judge Camilla Moon - Qualifiers:
Justrite Joyous - "Jaz" - Border Terrier- Brian and Jeanette Graves
Bernfield's Ellie - "Ellie" - Border Terrier- Anne Geall
Rovin Jansim Summer Wine - "Zeke" - Border Terrier - Pam Dyer

Here's to the dogs and their handlers!!!

Congratulations to all who qualified and to those that earned their Titles ovr the course of the two days

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Ayesha the "wonder" Dachshund qualifies

Lunch time and a chance to chat and share

Ellie breezes to her Senior Title

See you next year when we will be old enough!!