Border Terrier Canada Fun Day

May 24, 2009 - Aldergrove, BC

Border Terrier Canada Fun Day hosted by Sea to Sky Earthdog Club at 28353 Starr Rd, Aldergrove, BC

The first BC Border Terrier fun day was held May 24 and was a resounding success!

The day began with earthdog training and practice led by the Sea to Sky Earthdog club. A lot of new dogs were introduced to the quarry and they quickly progressed to in-ground work. There were also some other dogs working nicely at more advanced levels on junior and senior exercises. Earthdog activities also included Tubular Rats. Five identical PVC pipes were hidden under brush and rubble. Two were empty, two held fresh shavings and one had a live rat. It was up to the dog to figure out which tube held the prize - and then let the handler know by their reactions.

After earthdog, we had lunch with entertainment in the form of dancing dogs and freestyle obedience. Lunch was followed by demonstrations on grooming tracking, rally and some silly contests (best trick, best singer, waggiest tail and loudest bark). The day ended with lure coursing. It's always amazing how excited dogs can get over a while plastic bag!

The borders shared their day with other earthdog breeds (and 1 labrador for the lure coursing!). There were many cairns as well as a scottie, mini schnauzer, norwich, welsh terriers and a couple of dachshunds. And 3 rats.

The weather was dry and clear but not too warm. Everyone played nice with everyone else (dogs and handlers). There were prizes and lots of wagging tails and laughter. At the end of the day, there were many tired dogs who probably slept all of the way home ;-)

Thanks to the Sea to Sky and Border Terrier Canada members who shared their many talents and helped make this a success.

Lia Bijsterveld
BC Director, BTC

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